22 people missing, 900 evacuated after building collapses in China

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BEIJING – A landslide collapsed and buried buildings at and around an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Sunday, leaving 27 people missing, authorities said.

At least seven people were rescued after 18 buildings were buried and an area of 20,000 square meters (24,000 square yards) was covered with soil, the Ministry of Public Security’s firefighting bureau said in an online statement.


Shenzhen’s public security bureau posted a notice online saying that eight hours after the landslide, 21 men and six women were unaccounted for.

READ MORE: Beijing issues 2nd smog red alert, triggering car restrictions, school closures

Shenzhen’s fire brigade said that one building had collapsed, but that the landslide had affected a large area in the northwestern outskirts of the city.

Li Yikang, the deputy secretary general of the Shenzhen city government, said at a televised news conference that more than 900 people had been evacuated.

Giving different figures than the fire authorities, Li said that four people had been rescued and 22 factory buildings buried, involving 15 companies. The reason for the discrepancies wasn’t immediately clear.

Li said that nearly 1,500 people were involved in rescue efforts.

State broadcaster China Central Television, or CCTV, said that there was a residential area next to the industrial zone, and that the buildings buried included two workers’ dormitories.

Ren Jiguang, the deputy chief of Shenzhen’s public security bureau, told CCTV that most people had been moved to safety before the landslide hit.

The Beijing Youth Daily, citing a local resident, reported that the soil that slid down onto the area had been piled up against a 100-meter (110-yard) -high hill after being dug up in the past two years in construction work.

State media carried photos of what looked like at least one five-story building leaning over and partly crumpled in the industrial park, and a sea of brown soil covering a vast area around it.

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Finance ministers to meet in Ottawa to confront Canada’s new economic reality

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OTTAWA – Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau is expecting to hear from his provincial counterparts Monday about a familiar, contentious subject: equalization payments.

Morneau, who will meet with regional ministers for a second day in Ottawa, released figures Sunday outlining how much the neediest provinces can expect to receive from the federal government in the next fiscal year.

The constitutionally guaranteed equalization program will redistribute nearly $18 billion in 2016-17 to poorer provinces, where the cash will help fund public services.

WATCH: Because it’s 2015: How is PM Trudeau going to deal with Canadians’ economic concerns?


Under the formula, the same six so-called have-not provinces that received cash in 2015-16 – Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island – will get the payments again next year.

That means provincial economies hit hard by low commodity prices – such as Alberta and Saskatchewan – will continue to pay into the program.

On Sunday, Morneau appeared to want to steer clear of the sometimes thorny issue.

“Equalization I’m sure will come up,” Morneau said when asked if he thought the equalization formula is fair when struggling, resource-reliant provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan were still considered among the well-to-do.

“I expect that at every meeting of the finance ministers that is a subject that people will discuss.”

Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitao, whose province receives by far the most from the program, said Sunday that the equalization formula will eventually reflect the low energy prices.

WATCH: New housing rules won’t harm first-time buyers: finance minister

Leitao, a former bank economist, said the “very complex” calculation has yet to factor in the weak energy prices because it’s based on a three-year moving average of nominal gross domestic product.

When asked about the formula’s fairness, Leitao said federal coffers take in cash from all provinces – including about 23 per cent that comes from Quebec.

“So, a portion of it gets transferred back (to Quebec) and more,” he said as he arrived for a dinner meeting with the ministers.

In 2016-17, Quebec will receive about $10 billion from the nearly $18-billion program.

Historically, provinces have had their differences about equalization.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has expressed frustration with the formula, arguing it doesn’t easily take into account the changes in resource prices, such as oil and hydro, making it years behind the times.

Wall has also said provinces like Manitoba and Quebec receive bigger payments because the formula doesn’t account for the revenues they rake in from hydro power. The calculation does, however, factor in non-renewable resource revenue from oil and gas.

He has called for the payments to be halved to allow Ottawa to instead invest the money in things like infrastructure projects across the country.

On Sunday, British Columbia Finance Minister Michael de Jong said he expected the ministers to raise the issue of equalization with Morneau as part of the broader talks about all federal transfers, including health payments.

Asked if the current formula was fair, de Jong answered by saying he was happy his province is considered among those that don’t qualify for the payment.

“Candidly, I don’t want to be a province that is categorized as have-not,” de Jong said.

“At the same time, the distribution has to take place on an equitable basis.”

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said his province has always given $11 billion more, year-over-year, than it has received – even when it has qualified for equalization.

The province will receive $2.3 billion next year from the program.

“So, still, Ontario is a net contributor to the federation and we’ll continue to be so and we recognize how important that is for us to have a strong federation,” Sousa said.

He added that other provinces that have qualified for equalization have had “substantively more” per-capita support than Ontario.

“But that’s OK,” Sousa said.

“We want to support all provinces to be at their best and we will work together to do so.”

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FIFA ethics court bans Blatter, Platini for 8 years

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ZURICH – Banished from soccer’s ruling body for eight years for unethical conduct, Sepp Blatter won’t give up the presidency of his beloved FIFA without a fight.

“I will fight. I will fight until the end,” Blatter said Monday at a news conference that started 90 minutes after he and former protege Michel Platini were each banned by FIFA’s ethics committee.


It was a stunning removal of world soccer’s most powerful leaders over a $2 million payment by FIFA to Platini, the president of European soccer’s ruling body UEFA. The payment is also the subject of a criminal investigation in Switzerland.

“I’m sad. It can’t go on this way. It’s not possible,” said the 79-year-old Blatter, who has spent more than half his life working for soccer’s scandal-hit governing body. “After 40 years, it can’t happen this way. I’m fighting to restore my rights.”

Already serving a provisional ban, the elected FIFA president and his long-time likely successor were kicked out of the sport just two months before 209 member federations elect a new leader.

Platini, a FIFA vice-president whose bid to succeed Blatter on Feb. 26 now looks over, described the proceedings as a “true mockery.”

Their offences were judged to be conflict of interest and disloyalty to FIFA. They avoided life bans because corruption was not proven.

Platini’s lawyer, Thibaud d’Ales, told The Associated Press it came as no surprise that the corruption charge had been dropped.

“They used it with the sole purpose of dirtying Michel Platini, although they knew from the start it was an untenable argument,” D’Ales said.

Guilty verdicts were expected. So were the subsequent denials of wrongdoing and promises of urgent appeals to FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Blatter’s defiant display was a bonus for international media summoned to FIFA’s former headquarters, just hundreds of meters (yards) from the new building where he spent eight hours with four ethics judges last Thursday.

The choice of venue hinted at a vintage Blatter show. He did not disappoint.

Blatter invoked Nelson Mandela within a minute, pointing to the spot where the iconic South African leader had lifted the World Cup trophy 11 years ago, when his country was chosen as the host nation for the 2010 tournament.

Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, the Nobel organization and the United Nations were also referenced in a spirited 52-minute performance as he held court with more than 100 journalists.

His last words were “I’ll be back, thank you.”

Blatter’s trademark fighting talk was delivered while still sporting a strip of surgical tape on his right cheek after a minor medical procedure five days earlier.

Blatter made it clear he regretted his current position but declared he was innocent of any wrongdoing.

“I am not ashamed,” he said. “I am sorry that I am a punching ball. I am sorry for football. … I am now suspended eight years, suspended eight years. Suspended eight years for what?”

Platini was also dismissive of the ethics commission’s work.

He said its proceedings, which included a hearing earlier this month that he did not attend, had been “orchestrated… by governing bodies that I know well” to tarnish him.

“I’m convinced that my fate was sealed before the Dec. 18 hearing and that this decision is just a pathetic manoeuvr to hide a true will of taking me out of the football world,” the Frenchman said.

“My behaviour has always been faultless and I’m at peace with my own conscience.”

Platini said he will also file a lawsuit in a civil court to seek damages for what he has endured during the ethics commission’s proceedings. In a brief statement, UEFA said it was “extremely disappointed” with the ruling and supported its leader’s right to clear his name.

FIFA’s ethics judges decided that Blatter and Platini had broken ethics rules on conflicts of interest, breach of loyalty and offering or receiving gifts.

Platini took $2 million of FIFA money in 2011 – a payment approved by Blatter as uncontracted salary for work as a presidential adviser from 1999-2002.

In Monday’s verdict, Blatter was fined 50,000 Swiss francs ($50,250) and Platini 80,000 Swiss francs ($80,400).

“Neither in his written statement nor in his personal hearing was Mr. Blatter able to demonstrate another legal basis for this payment,” the judges said. “By failing to place FIFA’s interests first and abstain from doing anything which could be contrary to FIFA’s interests, Mr. Blatter violated his fiduciary duty to FIFA.

“His (Blatter’s) assertion of an oral agreement was determined as not convincing and was rejected by the chamber.”

Blatter hit back at that conclusion during his news conference, portraying the ethics committee as saying of Platini and himself: “He’s a liar and I’m a liar.”

“This is not correct,” Blatter said.

Blatter acknowledged an administrative “error” in failing to register FIFA’s debt to Platini in its accounts for eight years, though he insisted: “This is nothing to do with the ethics regulations.”

The Swiss had started tentatively and the grey bristles on his chin – that clearly showed he hadn’t shaven that morning – added to his aged appearance.

Yet his voice grew stronger, seeming to take heart from gentle prompts and notes given by his only child, daughter Corinne, sitting to his left.

He spoke in four languages and translated his own German, French and Spanish answers into English, clearly relishing the attention of a big audience again.

By the end, with his top shirt button undone and tie loose, it was possible to forget that Blatter had faced a health scare on Nov. 1.

“I am back, I am back, I am doing better,” he said. “I have the support of my daughter, I have the support of Linda (Barras), my love.”

While Blatter wants to leave FIFA with his head high, the 60-year-old Platini wants to clear his name, pass a FIFA integrity check and be declared an official candidate in the election he had been favoured to win.

Platini’s campaign has stalled since he was questioned on Sept. 25 in a Swiss federal investigation of suspected criminal mismanagement at FIFA.

Switzerland’s attorney general has opened criminal proceedings against Blatter for the suspected “disloyal payment” of FIFA money to Platini and selling undervalued World Cup TV rights for the Caribbean.

Platini was paid in February 2011, just before Blatter began campaigning for re-election against Mohamed bin Hammam of Qatar. Platini’s UEFA urged its members weeks before the June 2011 election to back Blatter, who was elected unopposed when Bin Hammam was implicated in bribery.

Few FIFA officials knew of the Platini payment which emerged during a wider Swiss probe of the governing body’s business affairs, including suspected money laundering in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests.

“I have never cheated with money,” Blatter insisted, before claiming he still wielded authority in the sport. “I am still the president. Even if I am suspended, I am still the president.”


AP Sports Writer Samuel Petrequin contributed from Paris.

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Year in review 2015: B.C.’s top sports stories of 2015

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From the drama and disappointment of the Vancouver Canucks to the Women’s World Cup, it was a busy year for B.C. sports fans. Here is a look back at some of 2015’s top sports stories.

Women’s World Cup

The biggest sporting event in B.C. in 2015 turned out to be good for the bottom line.


The FIFA Women’s World Cup dealt with plenty of controversy prior to kick-off at several venues across Canada. Many footballers complained about the playing surface at BC Place and other Women’s World Cup venues. Then there was the fact that FIFA was embroiled in a corruption scandal shortly before the tournament was set to begin.

While crowds were sparse during some preliminary round matches, BC Place was packed for several elimination games. Canada played two matches at BC Place, beating Switzerland 1-0 before falling to England 2-1 in the quarter-finals.

Team Canada games were awash with red and blue, but American fans clad in the stars and stripes filled the downtown core during the U.S. women’s national team’s matches at BC Place.

On a day when the sky was filled with haze due to a forest fire, the U.S. dominated Japan in the final, sending the tens of thousands of U.S. fans at BC Place into a frenzy. Carli Lloyd scored a hat trick in the Americans’ 5-2 win over Japan.

The win helped the U.S. avenge their loss to Japan at the 2011 Women’s World Cup final. In that game, an underdog Japanese side came from behind to win on penalty kicks. But several costly defensive lapses snuffed out any hope of a similar comeback in Vancouver.

More than 53,000 attended the final at Vancouver’s B.C. Place. Among the large contingent of U.S. fans was Vice-President Joe Biden and his wife Jill. FIFA President Sepp Blatter was not in attendance.

All those American fans proved good for the bottom line as estimates suggest the tournament brought in as much as $36 million to the city.

WATCH: FIFA Women’s World Cup financial impact

Canucks playoff disappointment

Many thought the Vancouver Canucks would enter 2015 mired in mediocrity. President Trevor Linden and general manager Jim Benning swore off plans to rebuild, choosing instead to retool their aging roster on the fly, adding in younger players while still relying on veterans.

Head coach Willie Desjardins seemed committed to rolling four lines and appeared to find the right balance, finishing the regular season with 101 points, good enough to earn home-ice advantage in their opening-round playoff series against the Calgary Flames.

The upstart Flames, featuring a young core of Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan as well as gritty forwards like Micheal Ferland, proved too much for the Canucks, winning the series in six games.

During the offseason, the Canucks’ brain trust tinkered with their roster, shipping out popular netminder Eddie Lack and veteran defenceman Kevin Bieska while bringing in new blood like Brandon Sutter and Brandon Prust. The team also made room for younger players like Bo Horvat, Jake Virtanen, and Ben Hutton.

Fans don’t seem too thrilled with the 2015-16 edition of the Canucks as demand for tickets appears to be waning.

WATCH: Demand for Canucks tickets sink to lowest levels in over a decade

Whitecaps best season in their history

While the Canucks are treading water, the Vancouver Whitecaps appear to be a team on the rise. The franchise had its best year as part of Major League Soccer, hosting their first-ever MLS playoff game at BC Place.

Newly acquired forward Octavio Rivero gave Whitecaps hope early in the season. The Uruguayan forward was electric early, scoring five goals in the team’s first six matches. Rivero’s magic started to fade as the season went on – one of the reasons the ‘Caps scored just seven times during their final seven games of the season.

The lack of scoring punch hurt the Whitecaps when it mattered most. The ‘Caps failed to find the back of the net in the postseason, falling 2-0 to the Portland Timbers in their two-match MLS Western Conference semifinal. After a scoreless draw in Portland, the Timbers’ Fanendo Adi and Diego Chara silenced the sellout crowd at BC Place and the Whitecaps couldn’t find a way to respond.

Kendall Waston was named to the MLS’ Best XI team, cementing his reputation as one of the league’s best defenders. Last month, the Costa Rican international signed a multi-year extension with the team.

WATCH: Whitecaps look to the future

Seahawks lose Super Bowl

Many B.C. football fans kicked off 2014 by celebrating the Seattle Seahawks’ dominant Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos. A year later, 12th Man North were left in stunned silence after the Seahawks suffered arguably the most painful loss in Super Bowl history.

After a dramatic win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game, the Seahawks appeared poised to win back-to-back Super Bowls as quarteback Russell Wilson led a late charge down the field. Trailing 28-24 late in the fourth quarter, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse made a twisting, turning, tumbling catch for a 33-yard gain to the Patriots 5. Marshawn Lynch then ran 4 yards to the 1. But Wilson, operating from the shotgun, was intercepted on a pass intended for Ricardo Lockette, breaking the hearts of NFL fans across the province.

WATCH: Seahawks controversial final play call costs them a repeat as Super Bowl champions

Tedford out as B.C. Lions head coach

Throughout his career, Lions GM Wally Buono has demonstrated an ability to unearth talent who can thrive in the CFL. Many Lions fans were thrilled when the team announced last December they had hired Jeff Tedford as head coach after a long career south of the border in U.S. college football and a brief stint as an NFL assistant.

Tedford promised an up-tempo offence, but the Lions instead looked to be stuck in neutral for long stretches, leading to a 7-11 record, an early playoff exit and frustration among players.

Earlier this month the Lions announced that Buono is taking over head coaching duties next season following Tedford’s resignation after less than a year on the job.

WATCH: Wally Buono named BC Lions head coach…again

Steve Nash retires

Victoria’s Steve Nash officially announced his retirement from the NBA in April. The two-time NBA MVP, who grew up in Victoria, B.C. made the announcement in a blog post that began with the words “I’m retiring.”

Nash is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player Canada has ever produced, and one of the best sporting stories this country has ever seen.

In his farewell letter, Nash thanked several people, including Ken Shields and Jay Triano, who coached him on Canada’s national team, and high school coach Ian Hyde-Lay.

He is third on the NBA’s career assists list, trailing only John Stockton and Jason Kidd. Nash also is the most accurate free-throw shooter in NBA history, barely edging Mark Price’s career mark at 90.4 per cent.

Nash won two MVP awards with the Phoenix Suns while leading one of the most dynamic offences in NBA history. His playmaking and scoring abilities have earned him worldwide recognition and eight All-Star game selections.

Nash grew up in Victoria, where he played high school basketball for St. Michaels University School, leading the team to a 1992 AAA provincial championship. Throughout an NBA career that spanned nearly two decades, Nash maintained ties to B.C., having an ownership stake in the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS and a chain of fitness clubs that bear his name.

He also sponsored the Steve Nash Youth Basketball initiative, which has helped developed a generation of basketball talent in B.C.

At the start of his pro career, many B.C. basketball fans were upset that the Vancouver Grizzlies failed to acquire Nash after he entered the NBA in 1996. Years later, many say it was the best thing that could have happened to him.

WATCH: Steve Nash retires

Carey Price takes home hardware

It’s been a big year for Montreal Canadiens netminder Carey Price.

Anahim Lake’s favourite son became the first hockey goaltender to win the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete. He was also named the winner of the Lionel Conacher Award.

Price hit career highs with 44 wins, a 1.96 goals-against average and a .933 save percentage for Montreal in the 2014-15 season.

He also won the Vezina Trophy as the NHL’s best goaltender, the Hart Trophy as the league’s most valuable player as voted by the Professional Hockey Writer’s Association and earned the Ted Lindsay Award as the NHL MVP as judged by his fellow players.

Price hasn’t forgotten his roots. In October, he teamed up with equipment manufacturer CCM to send thousands of dollars worth of skates, sticks, helmets, pads and all things hockey to youth in the area around Williams Lake, B.C.

The special deliveries landed at the offices of the Williams Lake Minor Hockey Association, where Price played from age nine to 15, three First Nations communities, the local Boys and Girls Club, KidSport, JumpStart and Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

WATCH: Carey Price gives big donation to B.C. minor hockey system

UBC wins Vanier Cup

It was perhaps the most remarkable university sports story of the year in Canada.

Two years ago, the football team at the University of British Columbia status was dire. The Thunderbirds hadn’t been over .500 in over a decade, had few fans, and the program’s cost was so great that the university was considering eliminating the team altogether.

But after several wealthy donors committed to supporting the team, the program was saved. UBC brought in a star coach (Blake Nill) and recruited a star Canadian quarterback from the NCAA (Michael O’Connor).

Still, the young team was only expected to compete for a playoff spot in 2015. However, wins over Manitoba, Calgary, and StFX propelled them to the Vanier Cup where they would meet the defending champion Montreal Carabins.

With no time left on the clock and the game tied, kicker Quinn van Gylswyk hit a game-winning field goal to give UBC their first national championship since 1997.

WATCH: UBC Thunderbirds Vanier Cup win

Kelowna Rockets get to the Memorial Cup

It was a storybook season–until the final second.

Buoyed by the midseason arrival of Edmonton Oilers prospect Leon Draisaitl, the Kelowna Rockets dominated the Western Hockey League, winning 16 of 19 games in the playoffs en route to their first conference championship since 2009.

They weren’t done there, getting to the Memorial Cup final after defeating the Quebec Remparts 9-3 in the semifinals.

Unfortunately, their dreams of winning their first national championship since 2004 were dashed, as an Anthony Cirelli goal 88 seconds into overtime gave the Oshawa Generals the Cup.

But the Rockets currently lead the Western Conference, giving fans hope that another deep playoff run might be right around the corner.

WATCH: Kelowna Rockets bested by Oshawa Generals at Memorial Cup

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Bozak’s hat trick in 3rd leads Leafs past Avalanche

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DENVER – Tyler Bozak made a triumphant return to Denver and led the surging Toronto Maple Leafs to a big win.

Bozak scored three times in the third period and Toronto broke loose for four goals in the final 20 minutes to beat the Colorado Avalanche 7-4 on Monday night.

Leo Komarov had two goals and an assist, James van Riemsdyk added a goal and two assists, and Joffrey Lupul scored one of three power-play goals that helped the Maple Leafs stop Colorado’s five-game winning streak.


Bozak played two seasons for the University of Denver before signing with the Maple Leafs in 2009. He had three goals in eight previous games against Colorado and doubled that total in less than 16 minutes of the third period.

“We were tied going into the third and whenever you are on the road and go into the third tied, it’s not bad,” Bozak said. “We got some good plays and some lucky bounces.”

Bozak got his first goal when he joined a 2-on-1 rush with van Riemsdyk. Bozak took a pass from van Riemsdyk, and goalie Semyon Varlamov made the initial save but the puck trickled through his legs and over the line 49 seconds into the period.

Bozak scored on a breakaway at 6:47 to put Toronto ahead 5-3, and van Riemsdyk finished the flurry with his 11th at 10:40. Bozak finished his second career hat trick with an empty-net goal at 16:20.

The Avalanche crowd didn’t throw the customary hats on the ice for Bozak, who played college hockey for the Pioneers just a few miles up the road.

“I had a couple buddies here so I thought they might have thrown it out there, but that’s OK,” he said. “They might not have been close enough to the ice. I didn’t expect hats there.”

Defenceman Jake Gardiner had four assists for the Maple Leafs, who are 4-0-2 in their last six games.

Jack Skille scored twice and Erik Johnson and John Mitchell also had goals for Colorado. Varlamov, who carried a 0.99 goals-against average while winning six straight, allowed six goals on 21 shots.

Avalanche coach Patrick Roy said Varlamov looked “tired,” but he didn’t pull him because backup Reto Berra hurt his ankle playing soccer before the game.

Berra was scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday.

Toronto’s power play is converting at 14.6 per cent against the rest of the NHL but 87.5 per cent versus Colorado this season. The Maple Leafs went 4 of 5 with the man advantage when the teams met Nov. 17 and they built on that Monday.

Toronto coach Mike Babcock said he didn’t know why his team has had so much success against Colorado’s penalty killers.

“I’d like to have them on the schedule more,” he said.

“They’ve got a good penalty kill. We just seem to have them.”

Komarov’s first goal tied the game 1-all at 13:34 of the first and preceded Lupul’s power-play goal 4:08 later to give the Maple Leafs a 2-1 lead.

Colorado tied it 1:07 into the second when Mitchell scored on a backhander in front of Jonathan Bernier, but Komarov’s second goal of the game and 15th of the season – and Toronto’s third power-play goal of the night – made it 3-2.

“Tough way to go into the break,” Avalanche centre Nathan MacKinnon said. “We’ve been playing some good hockey. When you give up three power-play goals it’s tough to win.”

The Avalanche didn’t generate a shot on their first two power-play chances, but made their first one count on the third opportunity. Johnson pinched down on the left side, took a crossing pass from Gabriel Landeskog and beat Bernier with a one-timer to tie it at 18:43 of the second.

It was Johnson’s sixth goal of the season.

NOTES: Colorado D Nate Guenin left in the second period with a head injury. Roy said Guenin has a possible concussion. … Varlamov was selected the NHL’s top star for the week that ended Sunday. He went 3-0-0 with a 0.67 goals-against average, .981 save percentage and one shutout.

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Talbot, Purcell lead Oilers over Jets 3-1

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EDMONTON — Cam Talbot looks to have found his game again.

Talbot made 44 saves and Teddy Purcell had two goals and an assist as the Edmonton Oilers won their seventh consecutive home game, defeating the Winnipeg Jets 3-1 on Monday.

“Some nights you have it and some nights you don’t and tonight I had it,” said Talbot, who had taken a back seat to fellow netminder Anders Nilsson for much of the month.



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  • Oilers’ 6-game winning streak snapped by the Rangers

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    “It started in Boston. I had a couple of weeks off to work on some things and when I got my chance I wanted to make sure I was ready for it. I feel that I did that, I put in a lot of extra work over those two weeks and I feel like it’s starting to pay off and hopefully I can continue to carry it through after the Christmas break.”

    Justin Schultz also scored for the Oilers (15-18-2), who snapped a three-game losing skid.

    Despite the win, Oilers head coach Todd McLellan was less than thrilled with the overall performance.

    “I’m disappointed,” he said. “It’s great that we got the points in the bank and we went into the break feeling good, but I think we’re such a better team than we just performed tonight.

    “We got away with one tonight.”

    Bryan Little replied for the Jets (15-16-2), who have lost three of their last four games.

    “It’s tough to lose on any night, but with the way we were taking it to them, it might hurt a little more,” said Jets defenceman Tyler Myers. “I feel like we deserved to win, but you have to give their goalie credit. He made a lot of point-blank saves and they capitalized on their chances. It was one of those games that you just have to forget quickly.”

    The Oilers started off the scoring 11 minutes into the first period as a Purcell shot ticked off a Winnipeg defender and past rookie goalie Connor Hellebuyck, who was making his fifth consecutive start. Taylor Hall picked up his 300th career point with an assist.

    Purcell scored his second of the game and eighth goal of the season a couple of minutes later, taking a long pass from Leon Draisaitl before rifling a one-timer into the net to make it 2-0 Edmonton.

    Edmonton extended its lead eight minutes into the second frame as Purcell made a perfect feed from the corner to a pinching Schultz, who scored his first of the season. Michael Hutchinson came in to replace Hellebuyck, who allowed three goals on 14 shots.

    Winnipeg made it 3-1 with eight minutes left in the second, as a point shot came off the glass to Little in front, and he batted it out of the air and past Talbot.

    The Jets had the bulk of the chances in the scoreless third period, but Talbot stood on his head stopping 16 shots in the final 20 minutes. Edmonton registered just three shots in the third.

    “We threw everything we had at him,” Little said. “Their goalie played great.”

    Winnipeg plays the Flames in Calgary Tuesday. The Oilers don’t return to action until Saturday in Vancouver.

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Global Edmonton staff members share their most memorable stories of 2015

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EDMONTON — From the Alberta NDP winning a landslide victory in the spring election to a little girl whose day as a superhero captured hearts across the country, journalists have seen a little bit of everything this year.

To mark the end of 2015, we asked the staff members at Global Edmonton to share the story that resonated most with them this past year.

Kevin Karius – Sports anchor/reporter

Edmonton Eskimos Grey Cup victory

Being on the field moments after the trophy presentation was thrilling. The most notable part was seeing QB Mike Reilly with longtime Eskimos Equipment manager Dwayne Mandrusiak – who never goes on camera – enjoy a special moment, one that only Global caught.

Watch below: Special moment between Eskimos’ Mike Reilly and Dwayne Mandrusiak



  • Edmonton’s top 5 videos of 2015

  • Edmonton’s top 10 stories of 2015

  • Justin Trudeau named Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year by the Canadian Press

    Jennifer Crosby – Anchor

    Provincial election 2015

    No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, one party rocketing from a handful of seats to form a majority government is huge – as is the end of a 40+ year dynasty.

    It is not only the huge shift, but also how the new government’s policies continue to prompt vigorous and frequent debate. Did voters make the right call? Do they have regrets? How should the NDP carry out its mandate? And as we’ve seen with the headlines this week about the finance minister, how much of the party’s election platform might have to be put on hold?

    For similar reasons surrounding big change after years of political dominance, I’d say the election of the Trudeau Liberals is my runner-up story of the year.

    Watch below: Notley’s NDP sweeps to victory

    Su-Ling Goh – Health reporter

    Alberta family finds health and happiness after tough year

    The story that stuck with me the most in 2015 thankfully had a happy ending. It started in late 2014 when we met Tammy McLash, a young mom of twins who needed a stem cell transplant to save her life. The video of those toddlers running to their masked, frail mommy in the hospital was heartbreaking.

    In January 2015, Tammy received her stem cell transplant, after countless people signed up to donate on onematch老域名出售. Seeing Tammy recently – happy, healthy and so grateful – reminded me of the power of not only the human spirit, but of the human body. Many of us have the ability to save a life, via gifts that cost no money: stem cells and blood.

    Watch below: Su-Ling Goh catches up with the McLash family nearly one year after her stem cell transplant

    Kent Morrison – Reporter/anchor

    The day the Edson water tower came down

    The idea of this story is not unique. Small town water towers and grain elevators have been coming down like this years. What makes this story so memorable for me is how special it was for the people of Edson and how everyone I work with recognized that. As the town gathered to watch the tower fall, I watched our videographer Geoff Stickle do everything he could to capture every element.

    The key to telling the story for me was having a microphone on the people actually pulling it down, it was such an important part of the storytelling and it was all Geoff’s idea.

    On the way back to Edmonton, we planned out how to tell the story the right way and once we got it back, our editor Scott Bobyak put his magic touch on top. It took a team to take down the tower and it took a team to tell the story too.

    Watch below: Historic Edson water tower comes crashing down

    Quinn Ohler – Reporter/anchor

    Syrian refugees arrive in Edmonton

    You hear every side of this story when you are in the media. One of my first days back as a reporter I was sent to the airport for a homecoming of a family that had never been to Edmonton before.

    After years of running from the regime, and then ISIS, the exhausted family of five walked through the doors of the Edmonton International Airport and finally felt safe.

    On the other side, their family had never had family in Canada before, and now the kids had cousins and an aunt and uncle. The raw emotion when the family walked through the door was indescribable.

    Watch below: Syrian family welcomed to Edmonton

    Fletcher Kent – Reporter

    Fletcher had two picks for the most memorable stories of 2015, the first being Connor McDavid craze in Edmonton

    Rarely does one person have such an effect on an entire city. Connor McDavid has only played a dozen hockey games so far. However, in those games he has shown why he is a “generational player.”

    The McDavid effect, as it has come to be known, isn’t limited to the on-ice product. Earlier this spring, his arrival dominated nearly every conversation in Edmonton. Before McDavid had even set foot in Edmonton, he had been dubbed, “McJesus.”

    Fans took days off work and crammed into tiny arenas to watch McDavid scrimmage with other rookies. The Oilers had to move a pre-season game against the U of A Golden Bears to Rexall because so many people wanted to see McDavid.

    Connor McDavid single handedly lifted the spirits of a whole city.

    Watch below: ‘I don’t believe it’: Oilers fans react to winning the NHL draft lottery

    Fletcher’s second pick is the provincial election this past spring

    The May provincial election is my vote for the single biggest story of 2015. All elections are monumental but this one was even more significant. After more than 40 years of successive PC governments, Albertans voted for a new-look legislature. The NDP swept to power and I was fortunate enough to be able to cover the story.

    I spent election night at NDP headquarters. I distinctly remember stepping outside after a long night. Some very excited NDP supporters who had been celebrating for several hours now were candidly talking with one another. They said even a year ago, they never would have thought they would be around to witness such a monumental change. No matter your politics, the 2015 election was historical. Only three other times in Alberta history have voters chosen to switch governing parties. We saw it happen.

    Watch below: The moment victory was declared at NDP headquarters 

    Michael Fulmes – News director

    SpiderMable saves the city from evil

    When we think of memorable stories from the past year, we often go to the larger, more notable stories that captured our attention. They’re the obvious and are certainly noteworthy. But there is one story that I believe made us all take pause.

    Mable Tooke, a six-year-old girl battling cancer, had one wish – to become “Spider-Man” for a day. And what a day it was! As SpiderMable, she captured the hearts of everyone and her story was truly an inspiration to everyone. It will continue to stand as one of the more memorable local stories we have ever done.

    Watch below: SpiderMable saves Edmonton from the evil Mysterio

    Kerry Powell – Managing editor

    Edmonton clinic turns away sick baby over $40 fee

    Our newsroom got a tip in January that a two-week-old baby had died after he was turned away from an Edmonton walk-in clinic because his parents couldn’t pay a $40 fee. Reporter Kendra Slugoski spent months working to confirm the details, track down the family and persuade them to tell their story.

    “I hope it doesn’t happen to anybody else,” the mother, Jessica Knife, told Kendra in May. “That’s why I’m doing this interview: at least justice for my baby, being turned away like nobody should be turned away, especially babies.”

    Spurred by Kendra’s story, Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman ordered her department to review standards and procedures at private clinics. She also asked the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta to look into the death.

    Watch below: Edmonton clinic turns away sick baby over $40 fee

    Luke Coley – Control room director

    Public support floods in following death of EPS Const. Daniel Woodall

    I would suggest the death of EPS Const. Daniel Woodall and the overwhelming support from the community is my most memorable story of 2015.

    It’s never easy to see an officer killed in the line of duty doing his everyday job. The first responders go to work every day and there is a risk every day that something could happen.

    It was amazing to see the support for the EPS in the city from all the Blue Ribbons to the procession and funeral. Having numerous friends and family in first responder line of work, it definitely hit home with me and that is why I think it is most memorable event of 2015.

    Watch below: Edmonton pays tribute to Const. Daniel Woodall

    Wes Rosa – Videographer

    Premier’s comments spark witty #PrenticeBlamesAlbertans jabs

    Then-premier Jim Prentice came under fire in March for blaming citizens for the province’s fiscal situation, saying Albertans need only “look in the mirror” to see what led to the $7-billion shortfall. Provincial affairs reporter Tom Vernon and videographer Geoff Stickle looked for a creative way to tell the story.

    It could have been a really average, run-of-the-mill story. But they said: “What could we do here that’s different and that we haven’t done a thousand times?” So, they found a mirror at an antique store, waited for a guy to stick his face in it, and then built the story around that. Just because they were a little creative, it turned out pretty great.

    Watch below: Alberta’s premier facing fire storm after ‘look in the mirror’ comments

    Ashley Wiebe – Morning News producer

    Edmonton rallies together following death of EPS Const. Daniel Woodall

    My most memorable story from this year is unfortunately the death of Const. Daniel Woodall. There isn’t one particular aspect of the story – just the entire enormity of it all.

    From a work perspective, to see how things unfolded on our end and the team effort that it took to bring the story to our viewers from the moment it happened, the next morning and the days after was incredible. Working overnight to ensure our viewers had the most up-to-date information when they woke up was one of my harder shifts.

    When the mayor began to cry during his news conference the next day is when I finally cracked and stopped being a ‘news person’ for a minute and let it all sink in and I also started to cry.

    To see the community come together in such an amazing way was fantastic too. It was so nice to see everyone rally and come together for each other, the Woodall family and our police in general, who don’t always get the respect they deserve.

    I have an EPS friend who was working that night. I didn’t talk to him until a few days later but he said how much the support meant to him and all of them.

    Ted Bauer – Assignment editor

    Alberta NDP stomps out 44-year PC dynasty

    This one may be too obvious, but for me, I will always remember this night.

    I wasn’t working that night, having done the election prep earlier in the day and was scheduled to be back early in the morning the next day. My partner and I sat at home waiting and watching the results.

    The problem was the Calgary Flames were also playing a game in the NHL playoffs and I was flipping back and forth waiting for the results to roll in. They started to come in a little after 8:30 p.m. and were what we all sort of expected. The PCs jumped to an early lead followed by the NDP. Then the PCs got another bump and I figured this was it – yet another PC win.

    However, two minutes later a flash came across Global’s coverage that a well-known Edmonton PC MLA who uses social media a lot was headed for defeat. I looked at my partner and said, ‘It’s over. The PC reign, done.’ If that MLA was going to lose his seat then no one was safe. And it rang true: goodbye 44-year PC reign, May 5, 2015.

    Erin Land – HR advisor

    Edmonton-area mom demands better mental health care after teen daughter’s suicide

    I loved Fletcher Kent’s series on mental health this year. I think he did an amazing job capturing different angles and showcasing the different perspectives.

    Watch below: Edmonton-area mom demands better mental health care after teen daughter’s suicide

    What was your most memorable story of 2015? Leave it in the comments section below. 

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Massive ‘Narnia-like’ ice castle now open in Hawrelak Park

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EDMONTON — Winter lovers, rejoice. After much anticipation, the massive “Narnia-like” ice castle in Hawrelak Park is now open to the public.

Crews with the U.S.-based company Ice Castles have been hard at work over the past several weeks sculpting the massive structure, which was built with harvested icicles grown from more than three kilometres of sprinklers.

Roughly every metre of castle requires about 400 icicles. The winter spectacle also comes with slides, waterfalls, tunnels and caves.


The company’s CEO said the weather in Edmonton has been ideal for the building process.

“We love the weather up here. It’s warm for you guys, but this is awesome,” Ryan Davis said earlier this month. “This is fabulous. We’re happy.”

READ MORE: Construction underway on Edmonton’s massive ice castle

Before it even opened, the structure drew in crowds, with people stopping by to take pictures.

The ice castle will be lit up and music will be synchronized with the dancing lights.

“Ice has amazing properties. When you turn on lights within it, it just takes on the colour of the lights inside so it’s pretty neat,” Davis said.

READ MORE: Massive ‘Narnia-like’ ice castle coming to Edmonton this winter

Ice Castles, which has built winter castles in the United States since 2009, partnered with the City of Edmonton and the Silver Skate Festival to bring the winter attraction to Edmonton this winter. Edmonton is the first Canadian city the company has visited.

WATCH: While many tend to stay indoors when the mercury drops, the city and private enterprises are looking to change that with a number of initiatives. Quinn Ohler takes a closer look. 

The ice castle will be open from 3 – 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 3 – 10 p.m. on Fridays, noon – 10 p.m. on Saturdays and noon – 8 p.m. on Sundays.

The ice castle will be closed on Tuesdays.

Advanced tickets can be purchased at a discount on Ice Castles’ website. General admission for ages 12 and up is $12.95 Monday through Thursday and $15.95 Friday through Sunday.

For those four to 11 years old, tickets are $9.95 Mon day through Thursday and $11.95 Friday through Sunday. These prices do not include taxes.

Prices for tickets bought on site are more expensive. For more information on hours and ticket prices, visit Ice Castles’ website.

Weather permitting, the castle will be open to the public until March.

Edmonton’s latest winter attraction, an ice castle, opens to visitors at Hawrelak Park on Wednesday.

Quinn Ohler/ Global News

Crowds climb through a unique ice castle experience at Hawrelak Park on Wednesday.

Quinn Ohler/ Global News

After weeks of waiting, Edmontonians get their first glimpse of the ice castle in Hawrelak Park on Wednesday.

Quinn Ohler/ Global News

Edmontonians wait in long lines to get in to the ice castle which opened in Hawrelak Park on Wednesday.

Quinn Ohler/ Global News

Ice sculptors have spent weeks building a massive ice castle in Edmonton’s Hawrelak Park. The exhibit opened on Wednesday.

Quinn Ohler/ Global News

Construction on Edmonton’s Ice Castle from the Global 1 News Helicopter Monday, Dec. 21, 2015.

Global News

Construction on Edmonton’s Ice Castle from the Global 1 News Helicopter Monday, Dec. 21, 2015.

Global News

Construction on Edmonton’s Ice Castle from the Global 1 News Helicopter Monday, Dec. 21, 2015.

Global News

Construction on Edmonton’s Ice Castle from the Global 1 News Helicopter Monday, Dec. 21, 2015.

Global News

Editor’s note: This story was originally published on Monday, Dec. 21. It was updated on Dec. 30 to include information about the ice castle being open.

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Holiday Tipping: Who should you tip and how much?

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People tend to be a lot more generous during the holiday season. There are more people to remember and thank, from your hairstylist to your nanny. But who should you tip and how much?

For the people who have provided services for you all year round, etiquette expert Caley McBeth says the holidays are a great time to show your appreciation. It’s an act of appreciation that never depreciates, but it is in no way an obligation.


First, think back on your year and then make a list of anyone who has regularly provided services for you or helped you out. That will help narrow your focus on who to include in your holiday tipping.

“Guidelines state that there are certain amounts which are recommended at this time of the year,” says McBeth.

Holiday Tipping Guidelines

For your hairstylist, it’s recommended that you tip up to “the equivalent of one service visit. So whatever your cut was you would add that additional gratuity.” Instead of a tip, you could add a gift card or a thoughtful gift.

McBeth says you should also add your personal trainer, your nanny, and your doggy day care provider.

As a general rule, you tip double the amount of gratuity you normally do during the year or you can tip them the amount of up to one service.

“You’re going to want to also tip your personal trainer the equivalent to one visit. Your nanny is the equivalent to one week’s pay or if you’re feeling extremely generous up to one month’s pay. Your doggy day care, you’re going to want to tip the equivalent to one visit for your dog,” says McBeth.

If you have a concierge in your building, a gift card in the amount of $20-$50 is recommended.

When it comes to your nanny, McBeth says have the children make something that is specifically from them to show their nanny how much they care.

When there is more than one person at an establishment such as in a dog day care, Mcbeth suggests a gift that everybody at the establishment can enjoy together.

When it comes to giving money or a gift, either are acceptable according to the etiquette guidelines, but cash is preferred.

Tipping on a Budget

“Tip what you can afford,” says McBeth.

Be honest with yourself about how much you can spend. If you can’t afford the extra tip then don’t let a gesture of thanks break your bank and create unnecessary debt.

“A personal thank-you note is perfectly acceptable. Homemade baked gifts. Something that you think of. Something that person would really appreciate during the holidays.”

Jon-Paul Hot, owner of from Avante Guarde hair salon, agrees.

“And that little gift whatever that could be. I have clients who bring me in jars of homemade marmalade, it’s irrelevant about the gift, it’s the thoughtfulness. Makes me feel really special.”

“The biggest gift is a thank you to anybody.  Everybody wants to feel appreciated and especially during the holidays. If you can tip, great. If not, a thank you is just as good,” says McBeth.

No matter what your financial situation, you still have an opportunity to express gratitude to take care of those people who take care of us throughout the year. Remember, feeling appreciated is the best gift of all.

Service ProviderTipping RecommendationsHairdresserDouble the tip or up to the cost of one appointmentPersonal TrainerUp to the cost of one sessionBossNever tip your boss. A small group gift from your department/office is optional.TeachersNo tipping. Gift cards are appreciated in the amount of $20. Double-check school district gift policy.NannyUp to one week’s pay and a small gift from your child(ren)Daycare provider$25-$50 for each staff member who works with your children and a small gift from your child(ren)Dog Day Care providerThe cost of one session up to the cost of one week’s payConcierge$20-$50AestheticianDouble the tip or up to the cost of one appointmentMail Carrier$10 gift card. Canada Post Code of Conduct states that employees can accept incidental gifts, customary hospitality and other benefits of nominal value (no more than $100)Housekeeper – Live inUp to one week’s payHousekeeper -WeeklyUp to the cost of one cleaningDog WalkerUp to one week’s payRegular babysitterUp to one week’s pay and a small gift from your child(ren)

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Woman finds new rehab centre after being discharged against her wishes

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TORONTO —; It is a new environment with a new therapist and new routines, but after just a few days, Barbara Butler is settling in just fine at West Park Healthcare Centre.

“I love it here,” she said.

However, getting there took some serious pushing.

READ MORE: GTA woman says she is being discharged from hospital early against her wishes


The Butlers’ lives were shattered in late 2014 after complications following routine surgery for a torn ACL nearly killed Barbara.

She survived, but was left quadriplegic, and  was making progress this fall with intensive rehabilitation at Lyndhurst Centre.

When the centre told her she was being discharged, her family fought back. They felt it was due to tight budgets and insisted she was not ready to go home.

After Global News told their story, days before her discharge date of Oct. 27, Barbara was able to stay until there was room at an appropriate facility.

“Because of your help, I was able to rattle some cages,” said her husband.

One of their concerns was the complexity of Barbara’s condition, but the head of West Park said that wouldn’t be a problem.

“We bring together the physicians, nurses, a range of therapists all based on what the needs of the patient are,” said Anne-Marie Malek, President and CEO of West Park Healthcare Centre.

Butler just moved in a few days ago, and is already hard at work.

“She wants to be able to run with her kids again and give them hugs, so we will keep working until she can do that,” said Monika Watters, Butler’s sister.

But there is still a long and costly journey ahead.

A local sound studio, Pirate Toronto, donated time so Chuck Butler could record a love song he wrote for his wife.

He hopes to sell it on iTunes to raise funds to cover a multitude of costs, from extra rehab, to making their home more accessible.

They have already started an online fundraising campaign that has raised more than $57,000.

With the help of friends, volunteers and donations, they have done enough renovations to get Butler home for two days over Christmas.

Her husband said the tree is ready and waiting.

“We put everything on but the star, so we will be waiting for the star to go on the tree,” he said, looking over to make sure Butler wasn’t crying.

Soon, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

“It’s very special to me to have a star at home for them to share,” she said.

Barbara said she is thankful to so many people who have helped out along the way to try to make things just a little bit easier.

“It’s been hard for me, for all of us,” she said. “So hard.”

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Pekka Rinne makes 35 saves as Predators beat Canadiens

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Pekka Rinne made 35 saves and Nashville beat the Montreal Canadiens 5-1 on Monday night, giving the Predators their first winning streak in more than a month.

Shea Weber had a goal and two assists, and Roman Josi and Calle Jarnkrok each added a goal and an assist. Colin Wilson scored an empty-netter and had two assists as Nashville won its second straight, something the Predators hadn’t done since Nov. 14 and 17.


Alex Galchenyuk scored a power-play goal for Montreal, which lost its fourth straight. The Canadiens have dropped eight of nine.

Montreal coach Michel Therrien changed goalies, inserting Mike Condon for Dustin Tokarski after Ryan Ellis’ goal in the third period put Nashville up 3-0 on 14 shots.

READ MORE: #OTwithKelly: Pulling through a losing streak

This was the second game of an eight-game road trip for Montreal around the NHL’s Christmas break, and the Canadiens took eight of the first nine shots.

Montreal outshot Nashville 36-19 but got only one goal that counted past Rinne.

The Predators had been outshooting opponents with few goals to show for their efforts in dropping 11 of 15 until beating Minnesota 3-2 on Saturday night. Nashville appeared very comfortable playing tight defence, and Weber scored on a slap shot at 8:40 of the first period to put the Predators up 1-0 on their second shot of the game.

Rinne stopped all 14 shots in the period, including a nice glove save on a shot from in front by Canadiens centre David Desharnais.

Nashville forward Paul Gaustad had a short-handed chance that went across the crease, and the Predators didn’t manage a shot on goal in the second until Canadiens right wing Dale Weise was caught holding Craig Smith. Josi scored his ninth on a slap shot at 8:22 off an assist from defensive partner Weber, putting Nashville up 2-0.

READ MORE: Dallas Stars honour NHL legend Dickie Moore before game vs. Habs

The Predators made it 3-0 just after a man advantage ended, with Ellis scoring his third off an assist from Wilson at 3:08 to chase Tokarski from the Montreal net. Jarnkrok padded the lead at 8:58 with a wrister off Wilson’s second assist of the game.

Montreal thought it at least avoided a shutout when Daniel Carr scored off a rebound midway through the third, but Nashville coach Peter Laviolette won his challenge for contact with Rinne.

The Canadiens finally did prevent a shutout when Galchenyuk scored his eighth off a slap shot on a 4-on-3 at 12:08.

Wilson got his second goal this season with 2:05 left for the final margin.

NOTES: Weber has 15 points in December. … Weber and Josi both are on three-game point streaks, and Weber posted his sixth multipoint game this season. … Nashville is 10 for 36 on the power play this month. … Nashville improved to 11-1-2 when leading after two periods.

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HIV-positive babies born in Sask. have physicians sounding the alarm

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SASKATOON – Between 2011 and 2014 there wasn’t a single HIV-positive baby born in the province of Saskatchewan. However, the same cannot be said for 2015, according to provincial health officials.

“Unfortunately we’ve had two reported cases of HIV infection in babies and that infection would have been acquired during pregnancy or during labour and delivery,” said Dr. Denise Werker, Saskatchewan’s deputy chief medical health officer.



  • Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week focusing on problems and solutions

  • Charlie Sheen sued: Ex claims he forced her to get an abortion because of HIV

  • Emma, Liam top 2015 list of popular baby names in Canada

    READ MORE: HIV cases in Saskatoon rise during 2015

    One other baby is under investigation for HIV infection in the province. Testing can take up to 18 months to confirm if a baby is HIV positive or not.

    Officials could not confirm which health region(s) the babies were born in nor are there any details on what went wrong in terms of prenatal care for these women since HIV testing is offered to all expectant mothers as a standard of care.

    Although not all mothers present for prenatal care and screening, said Werker, there are also occasions where a mother will test negative during her first test but due to ongoing risk factors become positive during pregnancy.

    “I think this is an obviously very unfortunate situation for those families and those babies and it’s also something that should raise the alarm bells in Saskatchewan that our HIV problem is far from under control,” said Dr. Ryan Meili, who works among a team of physicians who care for up to 400 HIV-positive patients at Saskatoon’s Westside Community Clinic.

    According to Meili, Saskatchewan has the highest incidence of new cases of HIV in the country. For a time the province had triple the national average of newly diagnosed cases, although we have since gone down to double the national average which Meili says “is still pretty bad.”

    “So new cases, but also high levels of morbidity and mortality, meaning people getting sick with AIDS and actually dying from AIDS higher than the rest of the country,” said Meili. “So we’re not doing well enough.”

    As for the two babies diagnosed in the province, Werker contested that the cases are an indication that things are out of control.

    “It is certainly something of concern and is something we will continue to address.”

    According to Werker, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to HIV in the province and the possible transmission to a baby:

    In 2013-14, approximately 25 per cent of newly diagnosed HIV cases in the province have been among women of childbearing age;Without treatment, the risk of an HIV-positive mother passing it onto to her baby is 25 to 40 per cent; however, treated that number drops to two per cent;On average, there are 40 HIV-positive mothers who give birth every year and that number is expected to rise.

    The province says it has an ongoing commitment to prevent and control the spread of HIV; however, rural and remote areas continue to be a challenge and there are now calls for them to adopt the 90-90-90 strategy.

    “That we have 90 per cent of those people with HIV in the province diagnosed, 90 per cent of those who are diagnosed on treatment and 90 per cent of those on treatment with an undetectable viral load,” said Meili, who noted with that many people diagnosed and being treated, the rate of HIV transmission would plummet.

    The province says internal discussions on whether to endorse the strategy continue but would not confirm when a decision would be made.

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SpaceX makes history after launching, landing first stage of rocket

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After suffering a decimating loss of its Falcon 9 rocket on June 28, SpaceX made history Monday after it launched and landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket.

READ MORE: SpaceX returns to flight with scheduled launch of satellites Monday

SpaceX launched its Orbcomm-2 mission at 8:33 p.m. ET from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base where it successfully launched 11 satellites for the private company.

SpaceX has attempted to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 twice this past year, with limited success. Though the rockets had made it to the landing pad.

WATCH: ‘The Falcon has landed’: SpaceX successfully lands rocket.


Cheers rang out from SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California as the first state passed each milestone, including the successful delivery of Orbcomm’s 11 satellites.

Musk said he ran outside and heard the sonic boom of the returning booster just as it landed; he assumed it had exploded. He learned the happy truth when he went back into Launch Control and saw video of the standing rocket.

“I can’t quite believe it,” he said. “It’s quite shocking.”

Though private company Blue Origin launched and landed a rocket in November, its rocket was suborbital, while the SpaceX rocket reached orbital altitude.

Musk said it will take a few more years to iron everything out, for actual reusability of his rockets. In the meantime, he’s working to transform the SpaceX Dragon capsules from cargo ships into real
spaceships for crews travelling to and from the orbiting station.

His ultimate goal, for human missions, is Mars. “This was a critical step along the way to being able to establish a city on Mars,” he said. “That’s what all this is about.”

—; with files from The Associated Press

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