5 Montreal stories you must read this week: December 18

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MONTREAL – Montreal Canadiens superstar P.K. Subban made headlines again, but not in the way we’re used to.

Plus, Global News follows up on two stories, one involving a waitress and her supposedly problematic hairstyle, the other the tragic end to an eight-year long missing persons case.

Here are the top five stories Global News covered in Montreal this week:

Cédrika Provencher investigation ramps up

“The next step is to find that person responsible for the death of Cédrika Provencher.”

More than 200 Sûreté Québec officers comb the area where the remains of the missing nine-year-old were found last weekend.

READ THE STORY: Hundreds of officers on the scene as Cédrika Provencher investigation continues

Pee-Kay or Pé-Kah?

“Maybe they should just call me Denzel.”

French-language activists urge sportscasters to pronounce the Montreal Canadiens’ star’s initials in French, not English.

READ THE STORY: What’s in a name? Group wants P.K. pronounced ‘Pay-Kah’ during Habs games

Hair problems

“First they had rescheduled and then they had cancelled so that was two times. So I was like, ‘they’re really not taking this as seriously as they’re supposed to.’”

Lettia McNickle said her former employer, Madisons Bar & Grill, cancelled their scheduled mediation after she allegedly lost her job because her boss didn’t like the way she styled her hair.

READ THE STORY: Human Rights Commission investigates racial discrimination at Madisons

Scammed family hopes to be home by Christmas

“She left with $18,000 of the $22,000 that we raised.”

The family of Mathieu Chouinard, a wheelchair-bound eight-year-old with a rare, degenerative disease, told Global News a woman who offered to help renovate their home to accommodate him, instead made off with their money.

READ THE STORY: Bad Samaritan leaves family out in the cold for Christmas

Landscaper allegedly scams clients

“You want to trust somebody and when you have a contract and they tell you they’re going to come back, you expect them to come back.”

Several families are saying that a landscaper made off with thousands of dollars without doing any work.

READ THE STORY: Clients fuming after they say landscaper took their money and ran



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