Act of kindness between Chilliwack boy and city worker spreads Christmas cheer

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A Chilliwack boy who decided to make a thank you Christmas card for his neighbourhood sanitation worker was surprised with a little gift of his own this week.

Keagan, 7, was at Sunday School recently and the kids were asked to make a Christmas card for someone, and include an invitation to the children’s presentation on Christmas Eve.

Mandi, Keagan’s mom, said she doesn’t know why he chose him, but it may be because one of the kids’ chores was taking out the trash before the family moved to Chilliwack.

“So the garbage collector took the card, and posted a photo of it to Facebook and it received many likes and comments,” said Mandi in an email interview. “This alone was enough to make my son, and our whole family feel very honored that the card was so appreciated.”

However, it was what happened next that has made Keagan’s Christmas.

The sanitation worker, who is employed by the City of Chilliwack, placed the family’s trash can outside their door with a gift for Keagan next to it.

“I allowed him to open the gift, as I thought it would have more impact to be opened separately from his other Christmas gifts,” said Mani. “And of course, it was a remote control car, which he has been asking for Christmas this year. After he opened it, he right away came and told me that now we didn’t need to buy him one. Also of note, I found it extra special that the waste collector was considerate enough to tape the batteries that the car needed to the box. As all parents will know, that’s always another step to all electronic games.”

Mandi shared the story to a local Chilliwack Facebook page where it has generated many comments and likes.

“Being that the Christmas Season can be a stressful time, I wanted to share this story for us all to remember the reason for the season, and share a little kindness that went a long way,” said Mandi.

“I am so thrilled that this small act of kindness has made such an impact, but it has also been a lesson to me, to be more grateful for our community workers. I don’t think they get enough recognition for the work they do.”


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