Asia’s first Hello Kitty clinic opens in Hong Kong

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Hello Kitty is here to heal you.

Asia’s first Hello Kitty-themed health center opened in Hong Kong to adoring fans. Situated at a shopping mall, the centre is decked out from top to bottom with Hello Kitty pictures and imagery. From the couches in the waiting area, to the scales, to band aids, all has the personal touch of the famous kitten on it.

Registered nurse Zoe Fung said that the concept of the centre is to create a relaxing environment for kids who love the cat.

“We used the colors white, blue and pink to create a friendly and warm atmosphere. We hope that the kids and their parents who come here will have a positive experience. Even if you’re not here to enjoy the service, we hope people will come here to take a look and have a great time,” Fung said.

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    While the sight of syringe and needle frightens children, Fung says that a trip to the Hello Kitty health centre usually has the opposite effect.

    “They come with a smile and leave with a smile. Getting vaccination shots is something that children are normally afraid of. However, in a pretty environment like this, the children leave with a smile on their face.”

    Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character created by a Japanese company in the ’70s. The white kitten with a pink bow tie on its ears has since then acquired a huge following in Asia. There are cafes, shops, various merchandise and even an airplane with the Hello Kitty theme.

    The health center in Hong Kong currently offers health exams and vaccinations for infants, children and adults.

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