Blue Jays’ infield getting a dirt makeover

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The changes keep on coming for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Following their upgraded level of play in the 2015 season, and the recent rehaul of upper management, the infield at the Rogers Centre will also be undergoing a makeover.

According to the Blue Jays’ senior-vice president of business, Stephen R. Brooks, the Rogers Centre will be getting an all-dirt infield.

The news broke in an unexpected fashion.

London, Ont. native Andrew Goodfellow asked Brooks on 老域名怎么购买 when the team would be switching to a dirt surface.

Brooks then responded.


An all-dirt surface will help make the ballpark more aesthetically-pleasing but could also have an impact on the Jays all-star infielders.

Having dirt underfoot in the infield may be easier on the body for third baseman Josh Donaldson and shortstop Troy Tulowitzski, potentially preventing injuries. The new dirt surface could also be less painful to slide on.

The installation of the dirt infield may be one of many renovations in the next few years. The University of Guelph signed a contract with the Blue Jays in February to research different strains of grass under lighting similar to the artificial light in the Rogers Centre.

Out of all the stadiums with retractable roofs, only the Rogers Center still maintains an artificial surface.

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