Emma, Liam top 2015 list of popular baby names in Canada

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For the second year in a row, Emma has claimed the top spot as Canada’s most-popular baby name for girls. Liam was first choice for boys, moving up a spot from last year and swapping with the former No. 1, Jackson.

Top 10 names for girls in Canada in 2015:


Top 10 names for boys in Canada in 2015:


The lists, released by BabyCenter Canada, also takes a look at what is influencing trends in baby names.

Royal influence

The classic name Charlotte has moved up the chart, likely helped along by the British royal heir of the same name born in May. Meanwhile, the name George has been zooming up the charts in past years.



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    Royal-related names are also making their mark, with names such as Princeton, Noble, Legion and Princess rising in popularity.

    Gender-neutral names gaining in popularity

    There have been moves in recent years to make children’s toys, clothing and other items gender-neutral, and it seems baby names are following suit —; at least for girls.

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    Some traditionally male names —; Hunter, Wyatt, Blake —; are becoming popular for girls.

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    This trend is also likely to be at least partially triggered by some recent celebrity baby names: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently named their daughter James, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a daughter named Wyatt, and Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have a daughter named Lincoln.

    Your grandparents’ names, and pop culture predictions

    Classic names have been making a move in recent years, and BabyCentre Canada predicts that will continue with names such Arthur, Peter and Hazel continuing to make a comeback.

    Squad-goals queen Taylor Swift and record-breaker Adele could also impact the names of little ones for years to come.

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