Hero dog comforted by owner’s mom after saving her from stabbing attack

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A dog is being remembered as a hero following a stabbing attack Friday.

Lucy, a six-year-old pit bull from Fort Myers, Fla., died Saturday after saving her owner’s mom from a deadly stabbing attack on Dec.18.

Lisa Potts, the mother of Lucy’s owner, came home on Friday to find her ex-boyfriend, Walter Williams, inside her apartment. Potts said an argument broke out between the two, with Williams hitting her. He then proceeded to pull out a knife. That’s when Lucy intervened.

“Lucy lunged at [Williams] and once she lunged at him he caught her in the neck, and once he caught her in the neck she just went [on] biting him – she was still fighting him,” Potts told Wink News.

The attack from the pit bull was enough to get Williams to stop but Lucy was injured.

Potts said she ran out of her apartment asking anybody to help her son’s dog.

“Once I got [Lucy] downstairs I just asked someone for a towel and applied much pressure that I could to it to try to save her life,” Potts said to Wink News. “I was calling [Lucy’s] name, comforting her, rubbing her head, making sure she was still alert.”

Lucy died the following day.

“She was a fighter and she did good, she really did,” Potts said. “If it wasn’t for [Lucy], you know, he could’ve probably stabbed all of us.”

Williams was taken into custody where he’s being held on a battery charge.

“He didn’t have to do that,” Potts said of Williams, “[Lucy] was just protecting her family.

According to Wink News, a memorial service may be held in Lucy’s honour.

“She’s gonna be missed,” said Potts.

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