Holiday Tipping: Who should you tip and how much?

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People tend to be a lot more generous during the holiday season. There are more people to remember and thank, from your hairstylist to your nanny. But who should you tip and how much?

For the people who have provided services for you all year round, etiquette expert Caley McBeth says the holidays are a great time to show your appreciation. It’s an act of appreciation that never depreciates, but it is in no way an obligation.


First, think back on your year and then make a list of anyone who has regularly provided services for you or helped you out. That will help narrow your focus on who to include in your holiday tipping.

“Guidelines state that there are certain amounts which are recommended at this time of the year,” says McBeth.

Holiday Tipping Guidelines

For your hairstylist, it’s recommended that you tip up to “the equivalent of one service visit. So whatever your cut was you would add that additional gratuity.” Instead of a tip, you could add a gift card or a thoughtful gift.

McBeth says you should also add your personal trainer, your nanny, and your doggy day care provider.

As a general rule, you tip double the amount of gratuity you normally do during the year or you can tip them the amount of up to one service.

“You’re going to want to also tip your personal trainer the equivalent to one visit. Your nanny is the equivalent to one week’s pay or if you’re feeling extremely generous up to one month’s pay. Your doggy day care, you’re going to want to tip the equivalent to one visit for your dog,” says McBeth.

If you have a concierge in your building, a gift card in the amount of $20-$50 is recommended.

When it comes to your nanny, McBeth says have the children make something that is specifically from them to show their nanny how much they care.

When there is more than one person at an establishment such as in a dog day care, Mcbeth suggests a gift that everybody at the establishment can enjoy together.

When it comes to giving money or a gift, either are acceptable according to the etiquette guidelines, but cash is preferred.

Tipping on a Budget

“Tip what you can afford,” says McBeth.

Be honest with yourself about how much you can spend. If you can’t afford the extra tip then don’t let a gesture of thanks break your bank and create unnecessary debt.

“A personal thank-you note is perfectly acceptable. Homemade baked gifts. Something that you think of. Something that person would really appreciate during the holidays.”

Jon-Paul Hot, owner of from Avante Guarde hair salon, agrees.

“And that little gift whatever that could be. I have clients who bring me in jars of homemade marmalade, it’s irrelevant about the gift, it’s the thoughtfulness. Makes me feel really special.”

“The biggest gift is a thank you to anybody.  Everybody wants to feel appreciated and especially during the holidays. If you can tip, great. If not, a thank you is just as good,” says McBeth.

No matter what your financial situation, you still have an opportunity to express gratitude to take care of those people who take care of us throughout the year. Remember, feeling appreciated is the best gift of all.

Service ProviderTipping RecommendationsHairdresserDouble the tip or up to the cost of one appointmentPersonal TrainerUp to the cost of one sessionBossNever tip your boss. A small group gift from your department/office is optional.TeachersNo tipping. Gift cards are appreciated in the amount of $20. Double-check school district gift policy.NannyUp to one week’s pay and a small gift from your child(ren)Daycare provider$25-$50 for each staff member who works with your children and a small gift from your child(ren)Dog Day Care providerThe cost of one session up to the cost of one week’s payConcierge$20-$50AestheticianDouble the tip or up to the cost of one appointmentMail Carrier$10 gift card. Canada Post Code of Conduct states that employees can accept incidental gifts, customary hospitality and other benefits of nominal value (no more than $100)Housekeeper – Live inUp to one week’s payHousekeeper -WeeklyUp to the cost of one cleaningDog WalkerUp to one week’s payRegular babysitterUp to one week’s pay and a small gift from your child(ren)

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