Lonely traveller posts online to find a Vancouver ‘family’ for Christmas Day

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Robert Weavers is currently travelling the world.

Originally from England, Weavers, 21, has already been to 19 countries and hopes to be travelling for two years total, maybe longer if his money doesn’t run out.

But one of the downsides of being a lonesome traveller, is the fact that when it comes to the holidays, you’re on your own.

So Weavers is reaching out, through Reddit, to try and find a group of people, or a family, to spend Christmas with.


“Reddit is a great website for communicating with people,” said Weavers in an email interview. “I’ve stayed with people I’ve met there in Iceland, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands and Montreal, as well as meeting up with several people for drinks or a wander around their city in multiple countries. Everyone is always very friendly and open.”

He is currently in Banff, but will be arriving in Vancouver on the 20 or 21.

“I’ve spent most of December in the Caribbean so it didn’t feel like Christmas at all with such hot weather,” he said. “Now I’m in Banff and it’s bloody freezing and everything is snowy, it’s dawning on me that it is Christmas next week.”

He said he wishes he could teleport back to his grandmother’s house for her delicious Christmas meal, but since that is not possible, he hopes Vancouverites are going to be welcoming. He said, so far, it’s been “quite overwhelming.”

“Lots of people wishing me well and inviting me out for a drink,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll find a family who can put me up soon.”

Weavers said he is more than happy to help prepare food, peeling potatoes is his specialty, and he has no problem doing the dishes after. “I’d just really like to spend Christmas in a homely family environment and participate in all the specific traditions that have passed down through that family over the years,” he said. “It’d be really lovely to be able to do a spot of Christmas shopping too. It’s very expensive to post things back to England but it’d still be wonderful to choose something for someone and put it under the tree.”

If he can’t find someone to spend Christmas Day with, he hopes to find a hostel where other travellers might be celebrating as well.

“Christmas is all about eating too much food and feeling bloated on the sofa whilst you crack jokes and play board games laughing yourselves silly,” he said. “It’s quite hard to do that on your own.”

If you would like to open your home to Weavers this Christmas, you can contact him on his website, on the contact page.

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