Micro brewery opens in Lethbridge after 25 year drought

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LETHBRIDGE – What started out as a dare 3-years-ago, has finally come to fruition. Theoretically Brewing Company opened for business Saturday, bringing the brewery business back to the city of Lethbridge.

“Kris had been home brewing for about 15-years, and I was sitting around his campfire and I tried some of his home brew and I was like, ‘Yeah this is really good, you should sell this’,” said co-owner Kelti Boissoneault. “He said, ‘Oh yeah sure whatever’.”



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    After the fire died out, the pair started to research what starting a micro brewery would actually look like, eventually securing equipment and a space to brew the suds.

    “[The] system is only 500 litres per batch,” said Boissoneault. “It really allows for us to specialize our batches and perfect recipes and change things up.”

    “We are really excited for that. It’s like the essence of craft brewing!”

    Theoretically Brewing Company is the first brewery to have a beer made right here, in Lethbridge, which locally grown ingredients in 25 years. Lethbridge has an extensive history when it comes to brewing beer, being home to a Molson plant up until 1990.

    “Right when we started talking about it up until today, we’ve had people who remember the old Lethbridge brewery. They’ve come up to us and said, ‘We are so excited you guys are opening a brewery here!’” said Boissonneault. “This industry needs to come back to town! We are super excited to be one of two brewery’s coming in.”

    The company will be making its way into local pubs, bars, and liquor stores in the coming months, with one store set to feature the beer on a growler bar.

    Boissonneault said while giving tours of the brewery, giving out samples, and selling beer by the case, one thing she wants craft beer lovers to remember, is how important the hobby is to the local economy.

    “We want to be a part of the community, we want the brewery to be a part of the community as well,” said Boissonneault.

    “It’s really such a treat for us to be able to say, ‘Yeah we’re open, come try our beer, sample our beer,’ but we’re also going to support the community as well.”

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