Pointe-Claire teen says she’s lucky to be alive after hit-and-run

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POINTE-CLAIRE – Grace Karam, 18, has crossed the Donegani and Ashgrove Avenue intersection thousands of times.

So, she didn’t think twice as she stepped foot on the street early Saturday morning.

“I came up through the underpass, right by the Ashgrove apartments and as I’m crossing, the car is further down the street, I couldn’t tell how fast it was going,” she said.

“The next thing I know, I hear a screech and I look up and there are headlights. I can’t remember anything until waking up on the ground.”

The car sped away, leaving Karam with a broken nose, a Grade 2 concussion, stress fractures and multiple bruises.

Karam was coming home from a concert when she was struck.

“The guy walking his dog said I flew 15 feet,” she said.

“That just completely blew my mind.”

Her mother, Carol Weightman, said when she saw her daughter at the scene, she was shocked.

“To see her lying there, all kind of twisted up and face on the curb and emergency workers all around her,” she told Global News.

“My [other] daughter, my husband and I had to see that.”

Karam has to use a cane to walk until her injuries heal, but she knows it could have been a lot worse.

“I’m really lucky. Honestly, there’s something watching over me, everyone’s been saying that and I believe it,” Karam told Global News.

The hit-and-run was reported to police.

“The vehicle or suspect was heading westbound on Donegani,” said Abdullah Emran with Montreal police.

“The driver has not been identified yet, however, the information that we have is that he or she was driving a four-door Nissan.”

Anyone with information is being urged to contact Info-Crime at (514) 393-1133.


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