Provincial disaster assistance for Chestermere, Rocky View County flood victims

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The province has allocated $9 million in disaster relief funding for victims of a flash storm on July 12, 2015.  The flash storm caused severe flooding in Chestermere and the nearby hamlet of Langdon, in Rocky View County.



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    “By providing disaster relief to residents whose homes were damaged by the July flood, it’s my hope we can relieve some of the anxiety and financial stress caused by the storm. This support is one way our government is working to help the municipalities of Chestermere and Rocky View County recover and rebuild,” Danielle Larivee, Minister of Municipal Affairs, said.

    Chestermere’s mayor said residents in the city are still recovering and can use the help.

    “Our community has been pulling together to support those affected by the terrible flood in July. This is very welcome news to help families in Chestermere rebuild their lives. We appreciate the support given by the province to us as we have worked through the DRP process,” Mayor Patricia Matthews said.

    The province said the money is intended for eligible applicants whose property damage is not covered by insurance.

    It said it covers the restoration of essential property back to basic, pre-disaster conditions. But that does not include sewer backup unless the damage resulted from a combination of sewer backup and overland flooding.

    In that case, the province said DRP funding may be available.

    The municipalities of Chestermere and Rocky View County are also eligible for disaster relief.

    In the new year, residents will be able to submit DRP applications at temporary registration centres at the following locations:

    Langon – Boulder Creek Golf Course – Jan 14 & 21Chestermere – Chestermere Community Hall – Jan 15 & 16, 22-24

    Applicants attending should bring:

    Government-issued ID;A letter from their insurance company indicating any insurance coverage;A list of damaged and/or replaced items;A record of time spent cleaning up;Pictures of damaged and discarded property, including both interior and exterior views, and;Receipts for clean-up, repairs and replacement of damaged items

    The application deadline is March 16, 2016.

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