Regina family hands out ‘Random Acts of Christmas’

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REGINA – In a busy time of shopping and preparing for the holidays, sometimes we forget what the season is all about.

That’s one reason why a Regina family is bringing the Christmas spirit to you.

Gift-wrappers at Northgate Mall experienced it first. They’re the ones meticulously wrapping presents for everyone else, but for once, they were on the receiving end.

“You can’t refuse a gift like that.”

“Some youngsters ran up and handed us a gift,” said Carey Sim. “They said we were working hard wrapping presents all day and wanted us to have a little bit of Christmas cheer.”

Who are these Secret Santas? It’s not so secret – just Lori Mann and her two young boys, walking up and down the mall handing out gifts to strangers.

“I just want to show my children what the spirit of Christmas is and to be generous and kind,” Mann said.

Nine-year-old Jay Mann told us the best way to do it. “We thought we should give out some presents to people.”

Spending just $60 and putting in the time to wrap each item, the family put smiles on many shoppers’ faces with stuffed animals, coffee mugs and holiday ornaments.

“You can’t refuse a gift like that,” Art Frischke said.

During a break from wrapping, Sim called it “very special.”

“It’s always fun to be nice and … just to be generous for Christmas,” said Jessie Mann, 7.

The last present the family handed out turned out to be the first for one man, proving the best gifts may be the ones you wrap for others.

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