‘Stars Wars’ fans feel the hype in Halifax – Halifax

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HALIFAX – The hype factor has jumped a few points with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theatres Thursday.

“I cried,” said Nathan Petite, who saw the seventh movie in the franchise last night at Scotiabank Theatre Halifax.

He was joined by hundreds of others last night.

“It’s winter, you’ve gotta put layers on,” said Tina Corbett, who was dressed in Jedi-appropriate garb. She travelled from Cape Breton to attend a showing with a group from Hal-Con.

“This is just sort of like the culmination of a lot of stuff. I mean, it’s been kind of a bad period since the prequels for ‘Star Wars’,” said Dave Howlett, manager of comic book store Strange Adventures.

He said the hype has been a benefit to the store, particularly a new series of Star Wars comic books.

“That has been one of our best sellers,” said Howlett.


Halifax Central Library introduced a table last week that pits Star Trek against Star Wars books, one of several ways Halifax and surrounding areas are celebrating the move franchise.

“Our staff members are always on the ball, and we’re putting together displays, and doing programming that promotes literacy,” said Ashlee Norton, a librarian.

The library isn’t officially calling a winner.

“My personal favourite, if I had to pick, would be Star Wars because I’m really excited about seeing that tonight, and I love Carrie Fisher,” Norton said.

And the fans said they loved the movie.

“The amount of applause that occurred during the movie was unbelievable, and just every scene got applause,” said Mike McCluskey, who is also known by his stage name Fat Apollo.

When asked what comes next now that the movie has been seen, Blake Hebb, replied with: “See the movie again.”

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