Trust fund set up to help family after father and 5-year-old son killed in crash

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LETHBRIDGE — It was a tragic scene; Henry Thiessen and his five-year-old son Banny were killed in a crash on Highway 3 near Taber earlier in December.

His wife Margaritha and their three-year-old son Corny survived, left to rebuild a life without their husband and brother.

Banny’s uncle, Peter Klassen, was one of the first people to arrive on scene. The crash happened on the highway, right in front of his house.


“It was very hard, very sad,” he said.

“When I got there she was trying to break the window and she couldn’t get out of the door.

“She tried to talk to Henry and get an answer out of him, then she reached in the back to Banny and didn’t get an answer out of him.”

The Thiessen family has had struggles over the last couple of years. Klassen has arranged for a trust fund to be set up to help the family with expenses.

“The trust fund was set up for Margaritha to pay for house rent and pay for groceries or whatever she needs to live off.”

The family had struggled financially after Henry, a farm labourer, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and his ability to work was limited.

One of Banny and Henry’s favorite pass times before he was diagnosed was riding in the tractor together, doing farm work.

Klassen said Margaritha and Corny are doing well, all things considered. Corny is recovering from injuries including a broken arm and leg. Any support to help them get back on their feet is welcomed.

Donations can be made at any ATB Financial branch in Alberta through the “Margaritha Thiessen In-Trust” fund. The family thanks members of their church, Banny’s school and the larger community for their support.

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