Video shows rescuers working to unearth Syrian child buried in rubble following airstrike

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Video released by a Syrian NGO shows the harrowing struggle of rescuers try to unearth a young boy left buried in the wake of an airstrike.

The video, posted to the Syrian Civil Defence facebook page on Dec. 20, shows what they say is the immediate aftermath of an airstrike on the town of Idlib which left a young buy buried to his head in rubble and dust.



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    Using saws and other tools, workers with the Syrian Civil Defense – known locally as “the White Hats” for their distinctive white helmets – try to pry the trapped boy loose, while he furiously blinks and rubs the accumulated dust out of his eyes.

    According to the group, it took five hours of painstaking work before they were finally able to free the trapped child from the rubble. It is not known what his condition is at this time.

    According to their mission statement, workers with Syrian Civil Defence “act neutrally, impartially and are humanitarians” and “do not to pledge allegiance to any political party or group.”

    Two opposition monitoring groups say airstrikes on the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib have killed at least 32 people and wounded many others.

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said warplanes believed to be Russian struck several areas including the offices of rebel groups, killing 36 and wounding many others. It said the dead included fighters.

    The Local Coordination Committees said airstrikes in Idlib killed 32 and wounded 140.

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