Westmount remembers heroic Jessica Holman-Price

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WESTMOUNT, Que.-  Veils came off two benches Friday in honour of Jessica Holman-Price and her brother Peter, whom she heroically saved 10 years ago by pushing him out of the way of a snow truck.

Both Peter and mother Jeannette Holman-Price – who live out of the province – attended the afternoon ceremony put together by the city of Westmount.

“It’s a celebration of her life,”said Jeannette Holman-Price.

She added, “It was lovely to be able to be here and not be crying. It was so lovely to be able to be here and see what a difference my little girl made.”

After the accident, which occurred on the corner of Sherbrooke and Strathcona, Jeannette Holman-Price launched an awareness campaign for public works safety, concentrating on heavy trucks.

Westmount became the first city in the province to include guardrails in front of the back wheels of trucks. City trucks now also include rear and side cameras. Many other jurisdictions have followed suit.

While Jessica’s brother Peter said he thought the bench dedication was misdirected, he agreed that his sister’s heroism was inspiring.

“She pushed me out and saved my life. I sort of choose to forget the rest.”

Peter broke 37 bones in the accident but eventually recovered.

Jessica Holman-Price was posthumously awarded the Medal of Bravery.

“Canada sees her now, everybody sees her now,” her mother said. “I’m very proud.”



    Westmount honours Jessica Holman-Price

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