William Shatner ends ‘Haven’ with a bang

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William Shatner has joined the cast of Haven, in time to make its last four episodes the most epic, ever.

“It was a good idea,” Shatner tells ET Canada of joining the cast. “An interesting character and an arc, and a beginning, middle and an end, and quite an end.”


Shatner explains that the character he plays is, “a mysterious man who has the weirdest powers you have ever heard of. But this is science fiction so it’s a great game and a great world of fiction and imagination, and the part I play is filled with that kind of imagination.” He also happens to be playing the “big bad” and, *spoiler alert*, Audrey’s father.

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Series star Emily Rose loved having Shatner on set. “It’s really fun having William Shatner here,” she reveals. “Everyone’s on their best behaviour, which is fun… he’s always about thework and wants to run lines… he’s all about the work.”

Actor Lucas Bryant adds of Shatner, “he’s fantastic. Professional and lovely… he’s just killing it.”

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The show’s had a five season run and Rose got choked up when talking about it coming to an end. “I’ve grown up a lot here,” she says, fighting tears. “I learned how to lead a show here… I’ve learned a lot from my time here and I would never trade it for anything.”

Tune-in for the full thing on tonight’s ET Canada.

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