Young man burned by electric shock, on road to recovery

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MONTREAL – This past August, 18-year-old, Kevin Bolusi and his friends decided to explore an area they’d never been to before.

They were walking along the Rivière des Prairies and then hiked up along the Deux-Montagnes train tracks, that connect Pierrefonds-Roxboro to Laval.


“He [Kevin] walked along the tracks over here and then he started to climb the super structure,” said his father, Phil Belusi. “He got all the way to the top and he was about to descend, hanging by his hands. He said he was hanging and trying to center himself to fall and that’s when he got electrocuted.”

Kevin fell from the structure onto the rail lines, 30 feet below, in flames.

“He didn’t have one broken bone,” said Bolusi. “He had no internal injuries, but unfortunately the 25,000 volts gave him third degree burns on over 75 per cent of his body.”

Bolusi told Global News that when the accident happened, there were no visible warning signs from where Kevin had entered and those that were there were covered in graffiti.

A photo taken in August 2015, shows the bridge where Kevin Bolusi was injured. The warning signs are covered in graffiti. Photo courtesy of the Bolusi family.

Phil Bolusi

Since then, two new signs have been installed, but Bolusi says that isn’t enough.

He believes there should be signs on both sides of the bridge.

“They put two brand new signs, but they didn’t put anything over here,” he said, showing the side of the bridge where Kevin climbed up.

New warning signs now appear on the bridge where Kevin was injured in August 2015. But Phil Bolusi believes there should be signs on both sides of the bridge.

Sebastien Gagnon-Dorval

Since the accident, Kevin has been living at a Montreal rehab hospital.

After two months in an induced coma, he required the removal of his left leg due to fourth degree burns.

“Basically from the start of the accident I had to like relearn how to do a lot of things, like a lot of basic things as well,” he said.

Although medicare will cover his medical expenses and one basic prosthetic leg, Kevin’s family believes he will benefit more from a bionic leg.

And those can cost between $5,000 up to $80,000.

So he started a Go Fund Me page.

Bolusi’s hopes is that it’ll raise enough money for a better leg for Kevin, but also the funds will go towards putting Kevin through school, something Kevin is anxious to get back to.

“It hasn’t really affected me internally or psychologically,” he said. “The need for school is still there.”

Kevin is staying positive and recently got some good news – he get’s to go home for Christmas, something he can’t wait to do one day, for good.

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